Stone Carving Worshop

Yesterday saw sculptor Siobhan Morison returning for an amazing 10 weeks of stone carving workshops! By the end of this block, we shall come away with a series of public sculptures ready to be installed around Broomhill and in our upcoming Broomy’s Bees Garden.

We began by discussing ideas for carving into the sandstone we had salvaged from the now demolished Drumfrochar Road flats.  Participants were asked to think of something that spoke of what Broomhill – or the wider Greenock area – meant to them.

After a health and safety briefing, we went ahead with some basic techniques in how to prepare the stone for the designs the participants wanted to carve into the stone.  Most of the participants went with the theme of nature when designing their image, this included designs featuring an owl and a sun.

Some participants were led more by the shape of their own stone before starting to design the carving.  One was beginning to take the shape of a curving wave, inspired by the significance of the River Clyde to the area.


It’s looking to be a fantastic set of workshops, and we can’t wait to see these designs evolving, and participants skills building!



If you want to come along to stone carving, the workshops are free and are running every Sunday until the 21st of May, from 12.30 to 2.30, with an unsupervised lunch break, then back for the later session from 3.30 to 5.30.  Children are very welcome to come along, but must be accompanied by an adult.


To book a space call RIG arts on 01475 649815 or email









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