Experimental Photography

An afternoon of studio portraits were the subject of choice in yesterdays Experimental Photography workshop at Broomhill’s Community Art Flat.  Photographer Steve Elliott brought along a pop-up studio set-up for the participants old and new, to try out shooting using the digital SLRs.


Using props from the Art Flat (and taking turns as models!), along with the soft boxes, lighting, tripods and DSLRs, the group were able to capture each model’s personality through a series of portraits, using landscape and portrait formats.

To begin with, some of the younger members of the group tried their hand at analogue photography, using disposable cameras with 35mm colour film.  This was the first film camera some of the younger members had seen! So with a little initial help in how to take photographs on these ‘olden days’ cameras, and a quick lesson in reasons to use the flash, they were sent off around the flat taking images of things that were of interest to them.  They toyed with the notions of permanence and the temporary as they drew on the blackboard wall with chalks and took lasting impressions of them on their cameras.


The Experimental Photography workshop shall continue next Tuesday from 4pm-6pm at the Community Art Flat, 12 Broomhill Court. For more info click here or call 01475 649815.


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