Nicola Sturgeon is set to visit Broomhill and the Art Flat in 2o17, and Paul Wheelhouse MSP and Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy opened the eco biomass boiler for Broomhill, the reception of which was hosted in the Art Flat.

Broomhill is part of the Scottish Government’s study in Place Standards with an academic paper to published at the end term of regeneration.

Professor Ken Gibb from the University of Glasgow has included the Broomhimm area as part of a wider study looking at regeneration models with an academic paper including the findings and benefits to be published in 2018. We are proud that the arts in Broomhill’d urban regeneration will be a part of this research.

Likely to get national recognition due to our substantial award from Creative Scotland and we’re hoping to go for a SURF Creative Generation Award in 2017/18.