Stonecarving Workshop

Sunday was the third-to-last Stonecarving Workshop, and pictured above are three of the finished pieces.  On the left is a piece of stone, carved with the theme of the river Clyde by RIG Arts assistant Rhia, and in the right-hand image, is a bust by Mike (left), and a face by Jim (right).

We also had some new attendants to the workshop! Mary came along this week and began a piece with the sun and some rays coming from it.  Our second new attendee was Monica who began work carving a thistle.

Mike has started a new piece of stone which is taking shape very quickly, as a wild boar.

We had a visitor come along to Sunday’s workshop to see what we were up to – it was recently elected Councillor McEleny, of the SNP!

He popped along to see what the class was up to, and has said he’s excited to see how we all progress with the carvings!

We are using the reclaimed stone from the recently knocked down Drumfrochar Road flats, and once sculpted, the stone shall be used as part of a garden, linking the past through the reclaimed stone, and the present through the new sculptures.

We’d love for new participants to come along and begin work on a piece of stone from Drumfrochar and learn a new skill. It would also be great for the carvings to be themed around Broomhill, or Greenock, but if not, we’re quite happy for that too!

If you want to come along to stone carving, the workshops are free and are running every Sunday until the 21st of May, from 12.30 to 2.30, with an unsupervised lunch break, then back for the later session from 3.30 to 5.30.

Children are very welcome to come along but must be accompanied by an adult.  Participants are very welcome to come along to the morning, or afternoon class, as well as both.



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