Stonecarving Workshop

Yesterday was the second-to-last session of our Stonecarving Workshop!  All the participants were trying to get as much of the carving done as possible, so that next week they are able to spend the day finishing them off.


We also had a new attendant to the workshop!  Daniel worked on a small takeaway piece for his garden.  Mary who came along for the first time last week, continued with her carving of the sun, and it’s rays, and it’s looking to be ready for finishing touches next week.  And Monica who also started carving a thistle last week is making great leaps and bounds!

Mike has started a new piece of stone which is taking shape very quickly, as a floral, organically shaped Tree of Life-style carving, having felt that he has finished his Wild Boar carving.


We are using the reclaimed stone from the recently knocked down Drumfrochar Road flats, and once sculpted, the stone shall be used as part of a garden, linking the past through the reclaimed stone, and the present through the new sculptures.


One response to “Stonecarving Workshop

  1. A lot of fantastic pieces of sculpture and admire the devotion put into them. Very much looking forward to seeing them in the proposed garden site.


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