Jeanette Sultan teaches Monday Recycle Upcycle

Monday 9th saw Jeanette Sultan of Shabbyshock lead her first workshop of a 6 week block in the Broomhill Art Flat. Jeanette is teaching a range of techniques used to upcycle furniture in your own unique design.

The workshops have had a great turnout so far with adults and children alike getting stuck right in. Some participants have decided to dive straight into designing a piece of furniture, with one young member bringing a small wooden side-table she had found in a charity shop, and another young pair working on a donated wooden school desk. Other participants decided to practice the techniques on wooden boards supplied by Jeanette.

The sessions are set to end on 13th Feb so if you’re keen to learn Jeanette’s tricks, make sure to pop along to the Art Flat, 12 Broomhill Court, PA15 4ET from 6-8pm on Monday evenings.



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