UV Galaxies

In our last post, we wrote about how excited we were to begin creating UV Galaxies. Well, the UV paints and black light finally came, and we have created some galactic images.

13342949_1171756886179055_4680981103478613024_n (1)

First of all, the girls painted their black t-shirts and leggings with UV fabric paint. We shone the UV torch over their designs as they were painting so they could get an idea of how they would look underneath the proper black light in the darkened room.

We then painted black sugar paper with UV paint and pinned this up in the wall, adding fabrics we found in the art flat which we discovered reacted to the black light as well.

As well as using the black light, we also used coloured lights to add highlights to faces and other parts of the picture.

As with before, we used a long-exposure and tried out moving and standing still for different lengths of time. The results were quite ghostly,  and we all thought some of them would be really good as an album cover.

These striking photos are so easy to create at home. All you need is some UV paint, and a black light, which you can buy for not too much money online. Then, simply black out the room, and set your camera to a long exposure and you’re set!




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