Projection Art with the ‘Hidden’ Project

At last Tuesday’s session with the ‘Hidden’ project, we continued our experiments with using light in photography to create projection art.

Everybody drew pictures of images and symbols that represented them. Although this seemed tricky at first, soon enough, with some conversation everybody began to express their likes and dislikes, and what makes them unique. We had emoji’s, football pitches, nick-names, and favourite animals.

We then took photographs of the drawings, using Photoshop to edit the brightness and contrast, and projected this onto a blank wall in the Art Flat.

The young people then stood in front of the images, posing with their own drawings, having their symbols mapped onto their faces.

This task encouraged self-reflection, conversation and consideration of others, and required the young people to creatively engage with their drawings off the page.

Next week, we’ll continue with the projections, as one of the girls had the great idea of projecting a picture of the camera taking the picture, to create an image similar to the reflections seen when two mirrors face each other.


Remember, this session is only open to young people involved with the Hidden project. If you are a child or young teen, or would like to bring your kids to our Broomhill Kids Art Class, they run on Wednesdays from 3.30pm-5.30pm and are FREE. Scroll through the blog for posts and pictures of the activities we do in these sessions.



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