Behind the Windaes

Following on from the Kid’s Art Club session where we made sun-catchers, last Wednesday we decided to think about what was behind the windows in our paper flats.

Everybody traced around one of the windows, and drew their own idea of what was in each of the rooms. We had lots of pets, families eating dinners, and even some portraits of the kids in the class.


Again, we played around with colour, finding out how the coloured plastics and tissue paper changed the colours of the pictures we stuck under underneath.

After this, we split into two groups, with half of us writing a story together what might be going on in the rooms behind windows. Perhaps it shouldn’t have come as a surprise, but the children chose to make up a story about a giant monster who lived in the Broomhill flats. The children saved the day and lured him into our art cupboard where the skeleton remains to this day. We’ll upload the stories and pictures soon so you can experience the horror for yourself.

The other half of the class were introduced to basic fine art techniques such as life drawing and colour glazing. Mark really played to his name-sake, creating some beautiful Mark Rothko-esque pastel drawings. The first one he did completely of his own accord and then, when shown the Rothko paintings, decided to make another copy, looking carefully at the colour and composition.

The kids art class runs every Wednesday from 3.30pm-5.30pm as 12 Broomhill Court and is FREE to attend.



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