November, 2018, at the Broomhill Art Flat

In November we were continuing with ongoing classes like Textile and Furniture Upcycling, but also had the new Plastic Melting and Weaving workshop!

We partnered up with Community Flat, Suite 16, in Broomhill Court to get residents learning about recycling and plastic waste, then eventually making a plastic based mural.  The mural is to be framed and situated in Suite 16, across the hall from the Art Flat.

In Textile Upcycling, participants were preparing for Christmas by hand-making gifts and learning new skills!

The class had the opportunity to learn how to felt using unspun wool, bubblewrap, soapy water and bamboo sheets, or the dry method that involved a needle and a section of foam.  They ended up making the most lovely Christmas decorations for themselves, as well as small pouches, purses and glasses cases as gifts for loved ones.

The folks in Furniture Upcycling were also trying out a whole host of new skills!

They were using chalk paints on donated side-tables and picture frames, as well as trying out painting stained glass.

All three of these workshops were part of the Recycle Upcycle 3D project, that was funded by Climate Challenge Fund, Greener Scotland and European Regional Development Fund and so were completely FREE.


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