Broomy’s Bairns – Artist Studies – Rose Wylie

In last weeks Broomy’s Bairns we took some time in looking at the work of British artist Rose Wylie, who is known for her large-scale, colourful and simplistic studies of a variety of cultural areas including celebrities, fashion, sports and mythology, as well as her witty observations of everyday life.

Firstly, we spoke to the kids about what kind of person they thought made these images and discussed why they thought they could of been made by a child.  We then took a roll of paper and cut pieces for the kids to paint on, that would make life-sized portraits of themselves.  After choosing a single colour to paint their outline, we then got them to add more details (like clothing colours and backgrounds), and tried to limit the time they spent on each part, so that they didn’t get bogged down in the details.

Limiting time made sure the kids made less of a conscious effort, so that the work became more about mark-making and themes.  This was also the purpose of not going in first with a pencil to the paper, and instead going straight in with the paint.

We then started thinking about what we might like to feature in the backgrounds, for example, one of the Bairns is a interested in reptiles, so included a tree with snakes on it.  Others went for simple patterns, or their newly decorated bedroom.

Our Broomy’s Bairns Art Class is an on-going creative class for the little ones to explore and make!

The Broomy’s Bairns Art Classes are every Wednesday at the Broomhill Art Flat, from 4pm – 5.30pm and is suitable for ages 5-11 years old.
If you would like to register your interest for a child to attend the Broomy’s Bairns workshops, please call RIG Arts on 01475 649359 or email

Come on the day to the Broomhill Art Flat (to gain entry, press number “12” on the keypad to be buzzed into Broomhill Court),
12 Broomhill Court, Ann Street, Greenock, PA15 4ET

Broomy’s Bairns is funded by Creative Scotland and so is completely FREE!


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