Broomy’s Bairns – Summer Sessions

In last weeks Broomy’s Bairns Summer Session, we were showing the kids how to make photographs without chemicals or a camera!

First of all, we set out in the sunshine to find things on the ground that we would like to make a photographic impression of on our light sensitive paper.  We picked up things like leaves, flowers, grasses and even bits of polystyrene whilst we walked in the garden across the road on Ann Street from the Art Flat.

Once back at the Art Flat, we shut the curtains to get the room a bit darker, and laid out our chosen pieces onto the light sensitive paper.  When we were happy with the arrangement, we popped the paper by the window sill, and open the curtains to let the light hit the paper.

After 5 mins, we removed the items we’d places on top of the light sensitive paper, ran the paper under cold water, and our images were permanently imprinted on the paper! The results were fab.


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