Broomy’s Bairns – Summer Sessions

Last week Broomy’s Bairns were taking part in our Summer Session over the school holidays.

We decided to make prints with potatoes!  This is a really easy and effective crafts for kids (or adults) or any age.

Firstly, we picked a fairly simple design and drew it out on paper with pencil.  Some people chose love-hearts, or the letters of their name, while others chose more abstract lines or shapes to cut into their piece of potato.  Next we cut the large baking potatoes in half, and placed the paper with the design on top of the cut side of potatoes.   With help from the adults, the kids poked holes through with wooden skewers to make the general shape of their design and removed the paper. Using a scalpel the adults cut the shape out of the potatoes, making sure to only take away bits that we didn’twant to show up in the final print.  Then we were ready!

Using a paintbrush, we gently applied our chosen colour of acrylic paint to our newly cut design on the potato.  This was then placed gently down onto a piece of card and held in place for a few seconds. This can be repeated as many times as you want to make a beautiful abstract image.

And voila! The print was done and ready to dry!


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