Mosaic Madness

We are coming to end of our series of Mosaic workshops, making large pieces for our Broomy’s Bees garden!

We have large square-shaped pieces and smaller hexagonal-shaped pieces that are both decorated with cut tile patterns and shapes, that we plan to line the walls of our garden with.  These pieces are currently being treated with different kinds of paint to hopefully seal them, increasing longevity! It’s great to see them together!

The centrepiece of the garden is going to be a large octagonal shaped artwork, with each of the eight sides having a different design.  We laid all the sides out on the floor of the Art Flat during last nights class to see what they all looked like together – and it looks amazing! We’re so pleased that the garden will have a really punchy centrepiece.


Stay tuned for more updates on our Broomy’s Bees Garden.


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