Broomy’s Bairns – Easter Taster Sessions

During the Easter Holidays, we had a day-time version of our Broomy’s Bairns art class for our week of Easter Taster Sessions at the Broomhill Art Flat.

We got the kids using recycled milk bottles, tins, juice cartons and cups to construct and decorate bird feeders for them to take away and house in their own garden or from their windows.  The kids used a wealth of different materials to decorate their bird feeders in their own unique way.  Some of them chose to paint their birdhouses brightly and cover with glitter, or to make them look like birds by adding googly eyes, wings and a beak, and others chose to make theirs more camouflage.

The kids talked whilst crafting about the importance of looking after local wildlife, what to feed them, and about how although it’s important to feed birds throughout the year, it is vital to feed them during the colder months.

To finish off the great day we had a very generous donation from the folks at River Clyde Homes in the form of chocolate Easter eggs!  As well as their Easter eggs, the kids also got a bag of bird seed to take away with them for their birdhouse.

The Broomy’s Bairns Art Classes are every Wednesday at the Broomhill Art Flat, with the first session starting at 3.30pm, until 4.30pm, then the next session starting at 4.40pm, and finished up at 5.30pm.

If you would like to register your interest for a child to attend the Broomy’s Bairns workshops, please call RIG Arts on 01475 649359 or email


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