Gestalt Glass Studio Visit

Yesterday, our projects assistant Rhia took a trip to the Gestalt Glass studios in Glasgow’s East End, to visit our brilliant Stained Glass tutor Keira!

The purpose of this visit was for Keira to show Rhia pieces of finished or in-progress glass works made by people in classes she takes, as inspiration for their workshop’s participant collaborative piece.  The idea is that one collaborative piece will be made, almost like a quilt in glass, with everyone working on a small section in their own style or desired process.

The plan is to take the next couple of session to concentrate on research for their collaboration, including research into different glass making techniques.  Keira wants the class to look at the heritage of the area, or part of the heritage that means something to them, or that they take an interest in, and put this into an image, text piece in their section of the glass ‘quilt’.  If a participants doesn’t have a historic connection to the area, they may look at their relationship to the Broomhill area now, in contemporary terms.

The group also should be starting to think about where they would like their glass piece displayed in the community, for example, do they want it to act as a stained glass window, or would they like to weld a frame for it, and have it situated outside as a more sculptural piece.

We can’t wait to see what the participants come up with in research and in experimentation with different glass making techniques!


**PLEASE NOTE – Unfortunately, this workshop is currently full and we will not be accepting any new members**



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