Stained Glass Workshop

Artist and designer, Keira McLean, has been teaching participants techniques to complete each stage of the Stained Glass making process!

We’ve had a great couple of sessions this weekend in our Stained Glass Workshop. One of our participants was completely finished her piece of stained glass and has been able to take it home, as well as four other participants that are in their last stages of their pieces.

The rest of the participants are all at different stages of completion, which has turned out to be a good thing, as it’s encouraging and useful for them to see the finished pieces, or the pieces that are one or two steps ahead.

These particular pieces, are for participants to take home for themselves, with their next piece being a larger collaborative piece that will be taking inspiration from the Broomhill area, and will then be displayed in Broomhill, helping local residents celebrate their heritage!

Once participants manage to finish their first, personal piece of stained glass, we will be moving on to research the areas heritage as well as peoples own, personal stories, to feature in the larger collaborative piece.


**PLEASE NOTE – Unfortunately, this workshop is currently full and we will not be accepting any new members**


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