Stained Glass Workshop

We’ve had so much progress in the last couple of weeks of our Stained Glass Workshop!  Artist and designer, Keira McLean, has been teaching participants techniques to complete each stage of the Stained Glass making process.

One participant got to the soldering stage with the lead around the pieces of glass!

It’s amazing to see how different each person’s piece looks, at each of the stages of construction.  Firstly, after cutting the glass and seeing it all-together without anything separating each individual piece of cut glass, secondly when the lead is added, then once the lead is soldered, and the final stage that participants are at – when the putty is added!

It’s great seeing them at the end of the day with light streaming through them!


Participants are lucky enough to be making their very own stained glass panel, as well as going on to make a combined group panel that will be displayed in Broomhill, inspired by the heritage of the area!


**PLEASE NOTE – Unfortunately, this workshop is currently full and we will not be accepting any new members**


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