Clothes and Costumes Upcycling

Textiles artists and costumer, Susan McInnes has been leading clothing upcycling workshops from the Art Flat as part of our project Plastic Fantastic.

Running for the last 10 weeks, the participants have worked on a range of practical textiles techniques to revamp old shirts, jeans and dresses. So far the group have converted gents shirts into ladies tops, old jeans have been given a new life with bleached patterns adding embroidery and trimmings and turned into shorts decorated with lace. People have brought in their own clothes that were too small and we have added fabric panels to make them fit.

Costumes are now being made for Halloween and the Galoshans Festival from old clothes, duvet covers, curtains and other donated fabrics. Embellishments  are being added using trims from other items and appliqueing shapes cut from other scrap material. The participants are really learning how to get thrifty, finding use in all things ‘rubbish’ with nothing going to waste.

The workshops take place at the Art Flat, 12 Broomhill Court, Ann Street, PA15 4ET from 6-8pm on Thursday evenings until further notice.

The Galoshans Fesitval runs from 27th-31st of October with the Parade starting at the Beacon at 6pm on Saturday 28th.

Full listing of events can be see here:

Check us on Facebook @RIGArtsInverclyde or on Twitter and Instagram @RIGArtsGreenock for more information.

Or, you can call us on 01475 649 359 or email




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