Broomy’s Bairns – Artist Studies – Frida Kahlo


The kids in our Broomy’s Bairns art class have been taking part in a series of workshops that concentrate on studying specific artists and making work based on the artist’s style.  The most recent artist they have studied, has been Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, whose most famous works tend to be her self-portraits.  As the Broomy’s Bairns art class happened to fall on World Animal Day, we decided to pick portraits of Kahlo’s with some of her many pets featured.

The kids were instructed to firstly, choose a background for their self-portraits.  Whether it was a football pitch or a more abstract concept, the background they chose would have to mean something to them.

The second task was to pick which animals would feature by their side in the portrait.  Whether it was their pet, a mythical creature or their favourite animal,  the choice was theirs! Once they had drawn these on a separate piece of paper, the kids were instructed to cut these out and choose where to position them in the background of their self-portraits.

Some of the children did manage to complete their self-portraits with the animals of their choice, but there are a few kids who still need to complete theirs in the next Broomy’s Bairns session.


The Broomy’s Bairns Art Classes are every Wednesday at the Broomhill Art Flat, with the first session starting at 3.30pm, until 4.30pm, then the next session starting at 4.40pm, and finished up at 5.30pm.

If you would like to register your interest for a child to attend the Broomy’s Bairns workshops, please call RIG Arts on 01475 649359 or email


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