3D Drawing

We’ve now begun working with the 3D plastic drawing pens in the Art Flat and Notre Dame high school. It took us in RIG ages to figure out how to use them properly and get a good level of control over the results, but the participants to the Art Flat workshops and the school classes seem to be flying ahead.

Writing our names was the easiest way to begin, allowing participants to get to grips with how the pens work including how fast the plastic filament flows through the pen, how hard or light to press the pen against the surface and how far away to hold it.

Afterwards, we began to colour the names in using the pens which helps to reinforce the structure, both making it stronger and holding it all together. This process also helps to make the items look more striking!


Once we’d figured out how to use the pens, we applied the same two process to shapes. Some participants chose to create their own designs whilst others followed stencils. Magnets were stuck to the back of the designs and we’ll experiment with attaching brooches as well in order to wear them as badges on clothes and backpacks.

3D pens are a relatively new technology and the industry and creatives are still exploring just how far we can use the pens as well as 3D printing. RIG Arts are excited to be introducing young people and the wider Broomhill community to the techniques – maybe we’ll have some budding product designers blossoming from Greenock.

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3D drawing classes run every Friday from 3.30-5pm from the Art Flat at 12 Broomhill Court, Ann Street, PA15 4ET. They are free to attend and everyone is welcome, but under 12s should be accompanied by an adult.

For more info, email info@rigarts.org, call RIG Arts on 01475 649359, find us on Facebook @RIGArtsInverclyde or join ‘The Broomhill Project’ on Facebook.



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