Stained Glass Workshop


Yesterday was the third week in our 12 week course of Stained Glass Workshops, and participants are coming along in their skills very quickly!  Stained Glass artist and designer Keira McLean will be teaching each week, how to our very own stained glass panel.

Participants have been using ‘cartoons’ of two different scenes, to guide them in their cutting of the coloured and patterned glass.  One of the scenes, has the main feature of a tree, and the other has the main feature of a small boat on water.  It’s so interesting to see how each participant interperates each scene differently, and it makes us very excited to see the finished products!

A few of the participants were ready to begin leading their glass pieces, which is the second stage of our process.  It was helpful for other participants to see how these looked once they were leaded, as the patterns and colours of the glass seem to react to one another completely differently once the lead has been put in place.

Participants are lucky enough to be making their very own stained glass panel, as well as going on to make a combined group panel that will be displayed in Broomhill, inspired by the heritage of the area!


**PLEASE NOTE – Unfortunately, this workshop is currently full and we will not be accepting any new members**


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