Stained Glass Workshop

Sunday saw the first in our series of Stained Glass Workshop at the Broomhill Art Flat!  We were so excited to start this workshop, and we’re so glad so many people came along!

Leading the workshop was Stained Glass artist Keira McLean, who got the participants straight into the practice of cutting glass, with glass cutters and pliers.  Keira brought some beautiful examples of different types of glass for research and to show us what we might get to use in future classes!

We were initially using ‘cartoons’ to make into simple glass designs, also getting people used to the standard shapes that are used.  This was really difficult for some to get used to, as we’re told all of our lives that we shouldn’t break glass!

Participants are lucky enough to be making their very own stained glass panel, as well as a combined group panel that will be displayed in Broomhill, inspired by the heritage of the area!

The workshops are suitable for all ages but under 14’s must be accompanied by an adult. Contact RIG Arts on 01475 649359 or email for more details.


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