Experimental Photography Plans

The Experimental Photography Class ended a wee while ago now, but we’re still working on seeing the project through to the end.


RIG Arts and participants to the workshops have been speaking with Margaret Tait who is involved with the development of the new community centre and garden in Broomhill, undertaken by IAMH. We’ll have our photography work displayed in the building on movable boards alongside a curated series of images documenting Greenock’s heritage.

We hope the pictures, both new and old, will help spark conversation and enable visitors to reminisce and envision an exciting future for Broomhill.

Although some of the images are ‘gritty’, we feel it is important to document and represent Broomhill honestly. The area is undergoing dramatic changes and these images will document the process for future generations. They’ll also be balanced by the ‘postcard’ style photos of the area, shot when Broomhill shone in all it’s blossoming glory with pink petals on the trees and the sun glowing over the Clyde in the distance.

Keep your eye on RIG Art’s Facebook and Twitter, as well as this blog for info on the unveiling of the photographs.

Or, as usual, you can get in touch by emailing info@rigarts.org or calling our new number: 01475 649539.



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