Urban Ceramics

Urban Ceramics is back! Ceramic artist Dawn Hair will be leading the workshops every Sunday, helping participants to create a map of Broomhill and the wider area of Greenock.  The map will be painted onto a 5×5’ board, with details added using tissue paper and collage, then the buildings will be placed onto the map, creating an interactive installation



The latest workshops participants were researching which buildings or objects they wanted to see added to the map.  We wrote down our ideas after looking through lots of images of Greenock, past and present, for inspiration.   As we have plenty of larger pieces of ceramic works of buildings, we’re looking to make these objects and buildings smaller, for some variety on the map!

Dawn and Angela began last week by making the bases for a couple of ferry/cruise liners, that we want to place onto a painted version of the river Clyde.
If you came along previously and have pieces to finish off or you haven’t been before – come along!


For more information call RIG Arts on 01475 649359 or email info@rigarts.org, children under 12 must be with an adult.


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