Heritage Mural Workshop, with St. Patrick’s Primary School

We are now nearing the end of our successful series of Mural workshops with St. Partick’s Primary School!  These workshops have been led by local artist Martyn McKenzie, who is to design a mural in the Broomhill area for the community, with the help of the local school children.

Each week we have covered a different technique within the arts.  These topics have ranged from line-drawing with black felt-tip pens, to portraits of some well-known local people, with the most recent workshop being a lesson in collage!

The children were firstly given a short presentation by Martyn on collaging, and artists that use collage in their practice, to give them a bit of background on the subject and some inspiration.  We looked at artists like Hannah Höch, Richard Hamilton and Scottish artist Sir Eduardo Paolozzi.

The finished collages were made using old materials from previous workshops and some donated magazines and newspaper.

These workshops have proved invaluable for Martyn and his research into what a community might like to see in a mural!


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