Broomy Blether Walk and Make

RIG Arts have now added a walk and make session to their Heid O’ The Hill Heritage project. On Fridays from 4-6pm, we walk around the Broomy with local resident and researcher for the project, Eric Webster and a group of local kids to talk about the history and draw what we see now.

The children are encouraged to really look at what is in front of them. 100% accuracy is not important but rather, a representation of what the area feels like, or a creative interpretation of both the landmarks and the ‘everyday’ architecture and landscape.

When we come back to the Art Flat, we work on translating these drawings using other mediums. So far, we have attempted foam sheet printing. The results were not as clear as we had hoped, and think this is due to using water-based paints, so will experiment with acrylics, although the children did a very good at copying their images and working with positive and negative space in the prints.

Eric Webster is on hand to offer interesting insights into key points of Broomhill’s heritage including the Princes Pier Line, the Shaws Water Works, the building of the local housing and the Broomhill War Monument adding a deeper level of context to the walk about.

As well as being educational, we hope that the walks will help instil a sense of place and ownership within the children and young people of Broomhill and will produce bright and eye-catching artwork for the Heritage Walking Trail.


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