Stonecarving Workshop

We’re now into our sixth week of the Stonecarving workshop with Dundee sculptor Siobhan Morison, using the reclaimed stone from the recently knocked down Drumfrochar Road flats.  Once sculpted, the stone shall be used as part of a garden, linking the past through the reclaimed stone, and the present through the new sculptures.

We began the session last week by splitting some of the larger pieces of stone to create smaller, more workable pieces to carve into (see images above).  We used hand tools called ‘plugs and feather’, that have been used for hundreds of years by stonemasons.  It’s a very simple, clean way to split the stone, and very satisfying to watch too!

We’ve had a couple of new members join the workshops, and start work on new pieces of stone, including a pair of angel’s wings!

Siobhon’s carving of the sugarcane wrapped in rope with a weavers, and a sailors knot, is coming along brilliantly with more definition each week.


Participants skills in stone carving going from strength to strength each week, and it’s great to see!  With only four weeks of the workshops left, we’d love if new participants could come along and begin work on a piece of stone from Drumfrochar and learn a new skill. We’d love for the carvings to be themed around Broomhill, or Greenock, but if not, we’re quite happy for that too!

If you want to come along to stone carving, the workshops are free and are running every Sunday until the 21st of May, from 12.30 to 2.30, with an unsupervised lunch break, then back for the later session from 3.30 to 5.30.

Children are very welcome to come along but must be accompanied by an adult.  Participants are very welcome to come along to the morning, or afternoon class, as well as both.



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