Heid O’ The Hill Heritage with Whinhill

RIG Arts are now midway through their walking trail project, facilitated by freelancer ,Emma Elliott-Walker and RIG Arts Project worker, Rebecca Livesey-Wright, for which we have been designing a creative and informative guide to lead you around Broomhill and its past.

RIG have been going into Whinhill Primary school over the last couple months to work with the students on the project. They’ve been learning about the heritage of the local area and making creative responses using techniques such as weaving – inspired by the Merino Mill – tracing maps, and collaging to tell a narrative.

So far, we’ve covered topics such as the poorhouse, moving to Greenock for work, working in the factories and housing. The children have also each been given a jotter which they are taking home to gather stories from the adults the know who have spent time in Broomhill.

We’ll be using their creative responses in the design of the walking trail, as well as interweaving personal anecdotes of Broomhill gathered in our weekly reminiscence group #BroomyBlether. This runs every Friday from 4-6pm at 12 Broomhill Court. The Broomy Blether is a relaxed chat where local residents and people who work and/or socialise in the area meet to share stories about Broomhill.

Local resident Eric Webster and historian Jim Carmichael have been hard at work researching and compiling information on Broomhill which has provided us with an overflowing information pack and a sprawling time line in the Art Flat which have been essential in shaping the project.


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