Experimental Photography

Photographer Steve Elliot wasn’t in attendance this week, so participants were asked to come along and look through the files that Steve had sent over with Rebecca and Rhia, to try and decide which files were theirs.

We started by using basic editing techniques in a program called IrfanView, and spent some time playing around to see just what could be achieved in post-production.


We had some of the developed 35mm colour photographs that we scanned onto the laptops, and had a go of manipulating them.  Once we were happy with the editing we had experimented with, we printed the images out and started to create a photowall.

It’s a simple act of sticking things to the wall, but it makes such a difference to see an image on the wall, and how it can work well with some of the other images.  We took the time in trying to match some of the images together by colour or composition.

Eventually, the final photographs from all of the workshops will be collated and printed on tiles to create a permanent photographic installation for Broomhill.

If you fancy joining the class, come along next Tuesday from 4 pm to 6 pm!  Cameras and equipment will be provided.

CLASSES ARE FREE AND SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES although those under 12 should be accompanied by an adult.
To book a space call 01475 649815 or email info@rigarts.org


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