Stonecarving Workshop



We’re now into our fourth week of the Stone Carving Workshop with sculptor Siobhan Morison, and we’ve got some excellent work coming along.  Participants were honing their stone carving skills with guidance from Siobhan.  With stone reclaimed from the recently knocked-down Drumfrochar Road flats, participants are carving into them, things that speak to them of Greenock, or more specifically, Broomhill.

Much of the stone has some of the red paint from the Drumfrochar Road flats still on them, and we’re trying to keep as much of it as possible on the stone as a tangible link to the building.


New participants joined this week, including artist Jim, who is making fantastic progress with his carving of a face in the stone.

If you want to come along to stone carving, the workshops are free and are running every Sunday until the 21st of May, from 12.30 to 2.30, with an unsupervised lunch break, then back for the later session from 3.30 to 5.30.

Children are very welcome to come along but must be accompanied by an adult.  Participants are very welcome to come along to the morning, or afternoon class, as well as both.


To book a space call RIG arts on 01475 649815 or email


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