Experimental Photography

During Tuesday evening’s Experimental Photography workshop, the participants were given a task by photographer Steve Elliot, to try to capture the essence of Broomhill through objects. We all headed outside with cameras, and the group was split in two, one of which would look for circular objects to make images of, and the other would look for square ones around the immediate area.




We also had to try and capture a sense of time through these objects in the photographs.  Breaking the sense of time into three categories; the past, present, and future of Broomhill, we made this more simple by going to a construction area which would represent the future, the immediate area out with the art flat to represent the present, and some of the last remaining traditional tenements to depict the past.

Having different group members is beneficial, as everyone has their own vision and their own idea of the sense of time within the context of Broomhill.  One participant, for example, found a Broom plant, which Broomhill is named after, simply due to the area being littered with the yellow flowering shrub, and so made an image of the plant to represent the past.  Another was interested in the downward view of a disused train track that he remembered playing in while he was a child growing up in the area.

Eventually, the final photographs from all of the workshops will be collated and printed on tiles to create a permanent photographic installation for Broomhill.

If you fancy joining the class, come along next Tuesday from 4 pm to 6 pm!  Cameras and equipment will be provided.

CLASSES ARE FREE AND SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES although those under 12 should be accompanied by an adult.
To book a space call 01475 649815 or email info@rigarts.org


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