Songwriting Workshop

Thursday afternoon saw the first in a series of Songwriting Workshops with James Grant, now a solo artist, having previously been in the band Love and Money.

We began the session with a quick explanation from James, as to how he started to write the music in bands, and how he had gotten to this point in his career.  The task we were set for this session was called a ‘ghost writing’ exercise.  We listened to James perform the song, then having the lyric sheet in front of us, changed the words to make our own song.  The song in question was called Crazy Love, by Van Morrison, and was made up of a basic chord sequence – this factor making it easier for the participants to change the tone or style of the song they were writing.



We were given a quick 15 minutes by James to complete our songs, for him to then play and sing them to us on the guitar.  Different approaches were taken by each participant – one had a dark, Johnny Cash feel to the lyrics, another had a funky, Chic feel to it.


If you fancy trying your hand at some songwriting, call RIG Arts for more info on 01475 649815 or email
CLASSES ARE FREE AND SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES although those under 12 should be accompanied by an adult.


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