Urban Ceramics Underway

Little houses are now taking shape in the Urban Ceramics workshops. Dawn Hair, ceramic artist, has been facilitating classes on how to build slab pots in the shape of buildings inspired by Broomhill and the wider area of Greenock. Motifs such as the Broomhill, Prospecthill and Whinill courts can be seen, along with now demolished Drumfrochar Road flats, the bell tower having been creatively turned into a toadstall mushroom. Another participant has created a detailed replica of The Dutch Gable House, one of the oldest houses in Greenock built in 1755, situated on William Street.

The buildings are now being brought to life with coloured slip (a watered-down clay with coloured pigment which can be applied to pre-fired sculpting clay). Once these have been fired, a clear glaze will be applied and the models will be fired again to add a professional gloss finish to the pieces.

A map of Broomhill and the wider area of Greenock will be painted on to a 5×5’ board and detail will be added using tissue paper and collage. The buildings will be placed on to the map, creating an interactive installation. The participants will then be able to take their own work home with them or gift their pieces to local establishments such as the McLean Museum, the Greenock Library and Riverclyde Homes offices, extending the work made in, and the community spirit of Broomhill across Greenock.


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