Urban Ceramics

Artist Dawn Hair will be leading two new workshops on ceramics and community mapping. Starting on Sunday 5th Feb, Dawn will be facilitating 2 workshops every Sunday until 12th March.

The workshops run from 12.30pm-2.30pm and 3.30pm-5.3opm, are free and open to everyone, all ages and all abilities. Please note that there is a 1 hour break between the classes which will be unattended.


Dawn will teach skills on how to build slab pots, using the high flats in Broomhill as inspiration. The group will then plan a large 5’x5′ hand drawn map of Broomhill and the wider area of Greenock, placing the high flats on key locations. Once the project is over, the slab pots will then be gifted to each of the areas identified on the map, extending Broomhill’s reach and reputation as a culturally important and productive site.

For more info, click here, call RIG Arts on 01475 649815 or email info@rigarts.org


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