Broomy’s Bairns Make More Art for the Garden

The kids at the Broomhill Wednesday Art Club (now called Broomy’s Bairns) are still hard at work making new art for the Broomy’s Bees Garden.

As well as the tiles which have been designed and are now just waiting to be coloured and fired, the kids have been continuing with their banner designs for the bunting, as well as making recycled art inspired by our Recycle Upcycle project.

They were using chalk pens and permanent markers on old water bottles which will then be waterproofed and cut into spirals and attached to string to be hung in the garden. This will add another visual element to the garden, which is being designed with attention paid to a variety of sensory elements.

If you would like to register you interest for a child to attend the Broomy’s Bairns workshops, please call RIG Arts on 01475 649815 or email


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