Notre Dame Continue with their Fashion Designs

The pupils at Notre Dame are continuing with their fashion designs based on their ‘Fantasy Frontier’ theme. They’ve finished shaping and cutting their pattern pieces and have begun cutting out the patterns from the fabric. This week they’ll begin machine stitching detailing on to the pieces and then sewing them together to make the finished garment.


One group have decided to make a belt and have made a rope to work as a tie for the item. They fund a piece of blue rope in our donated textiles bucket and wove in some red and orange threads to add some colour and variation. They’ll also be adding tassels on to this.

Other groups have been working on waistcoats and bags, with some groups cross referencing to make complimentary designs so their pieces can work as a whole outfit.

The young people’s skills are really coming along, and they have all displayed a great level of capability and confidence and designing an assembling fashion pieces.

We’re looking forward to seeing the completed items. Check back here next week to see them for yourself.


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