Making Tiles for the Broomy’s Bees Garden

We’ve begun making tiles for the Broomy’s Bees Garden! Ceramicist Dawn Hair prepared a series of tiles for the young people to work on, ensuring they were all the same size and thickness. The young artists were then given free reign to design the tiles however they pleased, but were encouraged to think about what made sense within the context of the community garden.

They began by cutting letters to spell ‘Broomy’s Bees’ and fixing these to the tiles. Some also decided to engrave abstract patterns, which will pick up well once glazed and fired.

The younger ones continued with their fabric bunting designs, also working on drawing pictures and assembling collages which can be scanned in and transferred onto fabric, resulting in a range of finishes and a vibrant array of designs.

We’re dead excited to see these in place in the garden. We’re just waiting on feedback from planning permission and then we’ll be firing away!


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