Making Art for the Broomy’s Bees Garden

We were back at the Art Flat on Wednesday after Christmas break and we hit the ground running making public art for our upcoming Broomy’s Bees garden.

Inspired by the ‘Broomy Past to Present‘ textiles banner made in our adult’s Recycle Upcycle workshops, each of the children decorated a square of coloured fabric which will be hung together to making bunting.

The children were asked to look around the Art Flat and pick their favourite thing. The collage picture of the bells which took influence from the ‘bell towers’ on the Drumfrochar Road flats which were demolished recently was picked, as were some card collage designs inspired by the brightly coloured geometric patterns our Broomy’s Bees artwork, and the bee motif which is being used throughout our prep work for the garden.

When finished, the fabric squares will be made waterproof and stitched together on a line to form bunting, bringing bright colours and references to the local area to the garden.


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