Decoupage Photo Frames and Plastic Bottle Garden Decorations

Pupils at Whinhill did some fantastic work today finishing off their bottle top bird feeders and plant pots today, while also starting to decoupage some donated photo frames. We’ve worked with decoupage before in the Recycle Upcycle project at our adult’s classes on Monday evenings. Take a look at the chair we worked on here.


Decoupage involved applying pieces of paper to another object in order to decorate it. We use watered-down PVA glue as this is quick, easy, cheap(!) and efficient, and adds a glossy finish.

Next week, we’ll make collage pictures from scraps of paper and old magazines to go inside the frames, making a completely recycled and upcycled work.


As well as this, the children finished their bird feeders and plant pots, made from old plastic bottles. The bottles were decorated with Sharpie pens, which are waterproof and fade proof. The children cut holes in the sides and tops of the bottles, to allow the birds to reach the seeds and the plants to grow. We also added wire handles, to raise the bird feeders from the ground, preventing nosey critters from stealing the seed!



The Whinhill class will be presenting their work in a full school assembly in October, encouraging the rest of the school to think creatively about how they could reuse and upcycle their waste instead of throwing it away, and to recycle if they do put it in the bin.

Recycle Upcycle adult classes happen every Monday evening from 6-8pm at 12 Broomhill Court, PA15 4ET and are open to all. Kids are welcome with an adult.




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