Recycle Upcycle with Whinhill

We’re back in the schools with piles of rubbish and heaps of information about recycling. On Tuesday, RIG Arts began sessions with another class at Whinhill Primary. We began by talking through what we already knew about recycling, why it is important, and what happens if we don’t recycle.

We then watched the Greenscreen Inverclyde film made by RIG Arts for our last recycling project (you can see it in another blog post here). From the extra information the children learnt from this video, they each then designed and made a poster to relay information about how to recycle and what can go in each bin.

The green bin is for food waste;

the blue bin is for recycling materials including plastic, paper, cardboard and tin;

the brown bin is for garden waste;

the black box is for glass;

and the black bin is for everything else that can’t be recycled, and should only be used as a last resort.

We also learnt that contaminated plastics, paper, cardboard and tin can’t go in the blue bin. So, if you have a takeaway pizza, and you leave just one slice, the leftover slice should definitely go in the green bin, but the cardboard box shouldn’t go in the blue bin. This is because the pizza box will be dirty and oily from having the pizza inside.

Here’s some images from the children’s posters:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We then had a look through some examples of upcycling, using examples from the internet and from our previous sessions in Whinhill and St. Pat’s (you can also see these pictures in the other blog post linked above).

We’re looking forward to next week where we’ll learn some more about recycling, and how long certain items take to decompose, and we’ll begin with some upcycling projects!

If you want to take part in our adults evening Recycle Upcycle classes, they run from 6pm-8pm on Monday evenings at 12 Broomhill Court, PA15 4ET. You can email for more info, join our Facebook Group ‘The Broomhill Project‘, or call RIG Arts on 01475 649815.




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