Summer Sessions

For 2 weeks during the Summer, RIG Arts ran full-day sessions up at the Broomhill Art Flat for kids from the local area. Over this period we were preparing work for the Broomy’s Bees Garden and the Fun Day, tying in skills we’ve developed throughout the Recycle Upcycle project as well.

We worked on a large sign for the Broomy’s Bees garden, making it as bright and busy as possible, incorporating happy houses, funky flowers and brilliant bees throughout the design. We used Hundertwasser as our inspiration, one of the most colourful artists we know of.


We began the process thinking we would decorate the board with recycled bottle tops, however we thought the end product looked more effective without them. Instead, the kids made their own bottle top murals and we played around with some designs whih we’ll use at a later date.

We also worked on making nearly 30 large textile banners ready for the Community Fun Day. Instead of sewing, we used gaffa tape to create geometric patterns and to secure additional fabric designs on to the sheets.

We also let the kids experiment with any of the materials in the art flat over the weeks, as we want to encourage free exploration and creativity, especially over the summer period when they should still be having fun!


We’re so excited to get back up and running with the regular Wednesday Kid’s Art Club. We’ll be back on as normal from September exact date TBC soon, so watch this space!



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