Making Music

For yesterday’s Hidden Project sessions we decided to try something a bit different and make music! Louie, lead artist for the session, used to be in Broomhill Punk bands back when he was a teenager. He brought in 3 unusual instruments for the young people to try out: a canjo, which is a sort of 3 stringed guitar made out of found materials; a mandolin; and a baron drum, traditionally used in Irish and Scottish folk music.

There were 4 of us and we all had a a go on each of the instruments, loosely playing with making sounds and rhythms. The two girls had very different approaches, but both Louie and I could see them ending up in bands at some point! One of them is a born punk, picking up the canjo and making as much loud, grungy noise as she could, striking moody poses for the camera, while the other sat quietly figuring out tunes Louie was teaching her.

After figuring out the instruments for an hour so, we sat down to write our own song. We each came up with one line each, the second following on from the first, the third from the second, and the last line of the fourth rhyming with the second’s last word.

Clickety clock goes the railway,

Clickety clock on the track,

We’re going to Glasgow Central,

And we ain’t never coming back.

We’re going on the rocking carriages,

We’re gonna leave this town,

No-one’s gonna stop us,

No, we’re never going down!

Despite what the song says, we do love Greenock. I think…

I thought this session was brilliant; it had a fantastic energy and I enjoyed seeing the young people being creative without necessarily working towards a final ‘end’ product, working out melodies and focusing on producing sound. One girl even found the time to play around with making some short films, inspired by the techniques we had used in the previous animation classes.

The final video of our session and song will be uploaded soon, so watch this space!


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