Outside, Inside

Last Wednesday we took the kids to the outside space, which will soon be the Broomy’s Bees garden to enjoy the sun and experiment with making art outside.

In between picking blossom and climbing the trees, we drew pictures of our surroundings and took chalk rubbings, marking an array of different textures. Although the space is in need of renovation, you really can find art and decoration anywhere. We played around with layering different textures and colours, and applying more or less pressure when rubbing.

We plan to include educational ceramic tiles in our new garden, with information about the importance of bees in the ecosystem amongst other facts about nature. These will also provide more opportunities for chalk rubbings and actively engaging and learning from the built environment.

Back inside, we worked more on our garden design, cutting out our butterfly prints and building up our collage.

All we need to add now to the garden is some people! So, next week, we may have a go at self-portraits.

Again, if you have any ideas for the Broomy’s bees garden,  please don’t hesitate to email us at info@rigarts.org, find us on Facebook at Rig Arts or The Broomhill Project, or call us on 01475 649815.


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