Designing Broomy’s Bees

Wednesday 20th April marked our first session back for the Wednesday Kid’s Art Club, and Spring was in the air. What better way then, to plan for our new Broomie’s Bees garden by heading straight outside into the plot of land we have secured.


We took out drawing boards and pens and pencils to map some designs for the gardens. Of course, there were lots of plants and flowers, but the children also came up with some great innovative ideas.

Benches and fences were included, to allow visitors to the garden some seclusion and a place to quietly relax. As well as this, the young people had thought of including a shelter, so that the young people from Broomhill who hang out in other people’s closes would have somewhere else to go in the rain and avoid being told off!

For the younger children, a playhouse was suggested. However, the designed moved away from the traditional detached house design and instead took the form of a miniature high-rise flats like Broomhill, Whinhill and Prospecthill court.

Designs were drawn for the ground of the garden, with one young person splitting the design into quadrants, with each section referencing an element of the local heritage: Tate & Lyle, Broomhill Art Flat, shipbuilding and the mills.

As well as considering the inside of the garden, the kids also thought about how the garden would look from the outside. We thought we could plant flowers along the outside of the wall, or paint a mural.


We’re so excited to begin constructing and planting the garden, and are really looking forward to have a more comfortable and welcoming outside place to make art in the future.

If you want to tell us any of your ideas for the Broomy’s Bees garden, please don’t hesitate to email us at, find us on Facebook at Rig Arts or The Broomhill Project, or call us on 01475 649815.



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