Collage Garden

The children at the Wednesday Art Class have been making a collaborative collage to plan for our Broomy’s Bees Garden.


Shay had the great idea of using our large blue and green paper rolls to set the background, and we created high-rises to illustrate the Broomy.

Then we added found artificial flowers as well as those hand-made in the flat using coloured card and tissue paper. We talked about how using large flowers which were not much smaller than the high-rise illustrations, and placing them in the foreground, creating a sense of perspective as if the flats were further away in the distance.


We also learnt how to make origami bees, which we then decorated and placed floating the in sky above the high-rises. Joining the bees will be butterflies, made using symmetry printing, in which paint is placed on one half of the paper which is then folded over to make a symmetrical print.

The more we experimented with this technique, the brighter and more intricate the designs became. We were really impressed!

Again, if you have any ideas for the Broomy’s bees garden,  please don’t hesitate to email us at, find us on Facebook at Rig Arts or The Broomhill Project, or call us on 01475 649815.


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