Projection Art Part 2 with the ‘Hidden Project’

Following on from the second Hidden Project class where we used a projector to create surreal images, we again experimented with projection in our third Hidden Project session.


This time, we used images found on-line to see how we could use our initiative to creatively engage with images that weren’t our own, encouraging a flexible attitude to creative outcomes.

Although we didn’t have the chance to create the infinite images as suggested last week, as seen when 2 mirrors face each other, we did manage to create some other psychedelic effects using patterns and colours.

We also used experimented with shadow, layering the negative and positive images to create a shadow puppet type effect.

The young people then decided the play with distance, moving the projection from the large wall, and shining it on the far end of the corridor.This stretched the image, painting more of the wall, and also allowed the camera to capture full portraits, as opposed to just head and shoulder portraits.

Once again, we were really impressed with the young people’s ideas and really enjoying working with them to create such original artworks.

Remember, this session is only open to young people involved with the Hidden project. If you are a child or young teen, or would like to bring your kids to our Broomhill Kids Art Class, they run on Wednesdays from 3.30pm-5.30pm and are FREE. Scroll through the blog for posts and pictures of the activities we do in these sessions.


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