Light Painting with the ‘Hidden’ Project

RIG Arts now have another regular project running up in the Broomhill Arts Flat working with young people focusing on sound, light and music. The sessions in the flat are lead by Louie Pastore with support from Karen and Rebecca, and will be encouraging the participants to experiment with new media to find alternative methods of self-expression.


“Hidden” is aimed at 12 – 26 year olds and is designed to increase ambition, change  attitudes and improve emotional and mental health. Find out more here.


For our first session, we used light painting to create bright images and doodles in the room, a technique Louie has used in his adult Night Photography workshops at the Art Flat (you can see more pictures here in our Broomhill Art Classes slidewhow). Although the technique looks quite complicated, all it takes is a torch, some coloured thin plastic to create different colours, a dark room (or outside space after dark) and a camera on long-exposure setting.

The difficult bit is to try and visualise your design in front of you as you move the torch – obviously there is no way of tracing a design, and no way of marking exactly where your torch has been before.


It didn’t take the girls long however, to start coming up with their own designs, and to really get a grip on how exactly to draw them.

We were all really impressed with the outcomes, and the experience of flashing torches on and off in a dark room is always fun! It kind of felt like a techno disco…

Despite having loads of fun, the girls also learnt about photographic effects, and manipulating camera settings to come up with different results.

light writing


Remember, this session is only open to young people involved with the Hidden project. If you are a child or young teen, or would like to bring your kids to our Broomhill Kids Art Class, they run on Wednesdays from 3.30pm-5.30pm and are FREE. Scroll through the blog for posts and pictures of the activities we do in these sessions.

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