Broomhill Wall Wrap

Back in 2011 and 2012, a new piece of public art was installed in the Broomy, ‘The Broomhill Wall Wrap’. The piece consisted of 5 vinyl images of old Greenock with frames, heat-pasted on to a white wall leading up the hill.


The old murals on car park wall near Whinhill Court

barrel making to furniture production2

The old murals on car park wall near Whinhill Court

Watch this video about the idea, installation and resident’s reactions.

It was much-loved by many members of the local community, but unfortunately, now in 2016 the pictures have mostly peeled off and the while has been left slightly grubby, and with no artwork. This may haven been due to vandalism, or just the weathering of time.

mural wrecked

The old murals near Whinhill Court now vandalised.

We’d love to see another piece of public art here, which the residents can enjoy once again. Although the last piece was great, and used some innovative technologies, we hope to use materials which may prove a little more longer-lasting for any future plans.

Any ideas? Drop us a line at, call in at 01475 649815, or join the convo in our Facebook group, ‘The Broomhill Project’.



One response to “Broomhill Wall Wrap

  1. It is with great regret that these indicators of a time gone have been removed or eroded by time, But we still have numerous other locations around the Broomy that still indicate our once industrial past: the various sluices and aquaducts of the Cut still prevail, if you search. These originated with the introduction of the Shaw Water Scheme of 1825, this supplied water to the many factories that once prevailed around the Broomy area, for example the Fleming Reid mills, Rockbank mills, Clyde Ropeworks and Caledonian Foundry to name a few. There are still visible remains of the complicated water course that cascaded from its inception at Loch Thom and its passage towards the Clyde.

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