Residents Remember

the mill

The Mill – My gran and uncle bothed worked in the Mill, from our classroom window the red bricked building dominated the landscape, we jostled with workers on the way home from school and at weekends played in it’s overgrown WWII bomb shelters. When I walked out the school gates for the last time I clearly remember thinking that if college didnt work out I could always find work in the yards or the mill but by the time the course finished both were facing closure in the Thatcher years….

-Louie Pastore

broomhill cinema

A once favourite cinema of Heid o’ the Hill denizens. A night at the “La Bugs”, roundad off with a plate of hot peas at Baldini’s cafe was indeed a special Saturday night treat.

-Tom Johnstone

If you’d like to share any of your memories with us, you can do so through ‘The Broomhill Project’ Facebook group, by emailing us at or calling 01475 649815.


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